June 2018
Interview with “La salute vien mangiando” – Catering service
Interviewer : Giulia Sfreddo
Interviewee: Angela Diomede

1. When did you change your habits on behalf of a vegan lifestyle?
It happened about 5 years ago now, it was 2013

2. Why did you choose to start cooking for others and provide cooking classes?
After my training, I strongly believed in my potential and in my acquired knowledge and I thought I could combine these skills with my love for cooking. Moreover, many of my contacts encouraged me in doing this.

3. Did you take any training course to specialize? Do you have any qualification?
I do. I graduated as “Natural Chef” and “Natural Pastry Chef” at “Gioia di Vivere” Institute of Lucca (2013); in 2016 I graduated at “La Sana Gola” in Milan as “Guide in food therapy”. I also have Haccp certification.

4. How did you think to start making take away menus? Do you need special requirements to make them and sell them?
I had many requests from those clients that have little time to cook but still would like to eat as good and balanced as possible. Regarding requirements it is necessary to have a kitchen up to Hygiene Department code that permits to make take away menus and a VAT number (all things that I have).

5. What feedback do you receive on these menus? Are they highly requested?
My clients are very satisfied. For the moment, I’m making these menus only once a week covering an avarage need of 20 menus.

6. Partecipi anche a fiere, eventi? Trovi che ci sia interesse per le tematiche vegan?
Sometimes I do, when they don’t overlap with other working commitments or courses or family previous needs. I think mostly vegan, vegetarians and healthy people are interested in vegan topics . we are a small group still.

7. Have you ever cooked at someone else’s place? Would you do it if requested?
No I haven’t, I rather cook in my kitchen but.. never say never, maybe in the future..

8. Have you ever done catering service or any cooking service for many people?
Yes, quite often.

9. What do you think about vegan market now?
I hope it’s a growing market but sometimes it’s hard to believe it: in the supermarket where I usually go shopping there used to be many more products than now (about 2 years ago). I hope awareness regarding environmental matters (as deforestation, pollution, damage caused by intensive farming.. ) will increase in the future and that people at least will start reduce animal food for the safety of their own health and the health of our planet.

10. Do you have a dream regarding vegan cooking you would like to tell us about?
I’d like to open a small veggie hotel, a place where I could go on with cooking classes but also offer take away food, vegan meals, yoga practice and give guests the possibility to spend the night and sightsee some of the wonderful places we live by.