The partnership of the Pop Up Restaurant has developed the project simultaneously on two different channels: we have in fact used the existing platform of the Glasgow Clyde College that kindly hosted the project in its web space, in which each country was able to upload all the training material composed, for each module, of several downloadable lessons and for each lesson a short summary of the main contents.

All training material is available on this platform in all the languages ​​of the partnership at the links:


The Pop Up restaurant (English)

The Pop Up restaurant (Espanol)

The Pop Up restaurant (German)

The Pop Up restaurant (Latvian)

 The Pop Up restaurant (Italian)


Each power point inside contains the links to the summary and self-assessment activities that refer to the second platform. The latter, the result of the creativity and skills of the Mosqi.To Polish team is a platform created specifically for the Pop Up project in which we collected the self-evaluation activities and the final tests for each module, also translated and available in each language of the partnership. This platform is available at the link:


and it’s designed for anyone who wants to access this type of training for themselves, therefore using it as a tool to improve their knowledge in the field of vegetable and sustainable cuisine and self-entrepreneurship or for those who wants to use it for the training of students within pre-organized training courses.

Both platforms are the result of the work of a strong and aware partnership that will commit itself to keeping them active after the end of the project.